Surely Anyone Can Tell A Story?

Knowing how to deliver a story, and knowing the right story to tell is a powerful influencing and communication skill. Good Stories Travel helps businesses and individuals unlock their narrative and ultimately become more productive and profitable.

The founder of Good Stories Travel is bestselling authorradio host, and Creative Director Justin Brown.

(Whitestone Cheese CEO Simon Berry):

‘Justin has an ability to extract the topical and relevant portions of any story. What seems to be day to day stuff can be transformed into effective and eloquent content. I always found Justin’s style to be spot on, his talent is a well kept secret.

justin brown author

Why you might need us

You’re a time-poor CEO who needs someone to write thought leadership articles on your behalf.

You’d love to create funky whiteboard animations for your brand.

You need a strategist to steer your brand’s story in the right direction.

Your article needs to be tweaked to suit a New Zealand audience.

You’re gearing up for a change on the employment front and your online profile needs rebranding.

You need a fully produced branded content piece, including video and script – even VR.